Indian-origin woman from South Africa, 29 year old, will be part of the engineers building world fastest car. She is all set to join the team of specialist engineers building car in the UK.

She is Beverly Singh, a mechanical engineer from Port Elizabeth. She won the Bloodhound Chevening Scholarship for her masters in mechanical engineering at the University of West of England. She will help design the Bloodhound supersonic car, currently being built by a team of about 30 engineers in a high-tech centre near Bristol. The rocket-powered car will come to South Africa in 2015 for a series of test runs (over several months) to break the sound barrier and current land speed record of 1228 km/h. In 2016, it will attempt to set a record 30% faster than that: 1609 km/h.

She will join the team next month, will be working alongside engineers from companies such as Boeing and Rolls-Royce, who are assembling the car.

She said “The engineers working on the Bloodhound are the best in the world in their fields. I always wanted to do something like this,” she added “I am so excited. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,”

However, Singh said she had no idea what she would be working on in the Bloodhound project. She hopes she will be able to join the team when the car is shipped to South Africa for testing.

The test runs and the record attempts will take place at Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape Province.

Singh has left her job as a process engineer in Port Elizabeth and will fly to Bristol in a few weeks. She says she will focus on her full-time degree studies but will take time out to be with the team building the car.