About Us

Who We Are?

Driveast is pursuing a targeted brand strategy, based on the development of its service offering under Driveast brands, in order to support the growth of business volumes and improve its visibility with existing and potential customers.In 2012, the Group launched a major "Fast Lane" transformation program aimed at strengthening the Group's presence in the market and preparing for its transition from a car rental company to a mobility services provider and strengthening its position. operational effectiveness. This ongoing transformation program laid the foundation for sustainable and profitable growth.

What We Do?

We want to make hiring a car very simple for customers. Hiring a car brings you freedom, and we’ll help you find the right car for you at a great price. We're here to make hiring a car a lot less hassle.We make sure that our customers are well catered for, therefore we cooperate closely with the major number of regional suppliers. The customer's satisfaction stands at the core of our business at all times.

How We Work?

Making sure you have a great experience every time you hire a car makes us happy.
We are a travel website/app, so we arrange the car on your behalf. We use our massive buying power to bring you great deals. But we’re way more than a price comparison site, because we stay with you every step of the way.

Know More About Us

First You Search

You search our site or our app for the car you want.

We show you the deals and reviews you need to help you choose.

You pick the car you want, add any extras you’d like – such as Full Protection (our extra cover) or a car seat – and book.

We confirm your booking with the car you hire you chose, and confirm everything back to you.

You pick your car on the website or App, and the driver will soon contact you.

Our Core Objectives

Customer knowledge

Deployment of new customer relationship management tools, optimization of loyalty programs.

Income development

Enhancing the attractiveness of the brand through the deployment of innovative tailor-made offers, the optimization of distribution channels, and by strengthening its international network. The aim is to develop the existing customer base, relying on the reorganization and dynamisation of the sales force and the implementation of new business processes, supported by the deployment of commercial productivity tools.

The Digital Strategy and Innovation

The Digital Strategy and Innovation :reinforcement of the information system to better support the development of new service offerings, development of solutions responding to new uses of mobility through intermodal solutions. In recent years, the Group has reorganized and harmonized its websites to make it easier for customers to use and make them more intuitive. It has also launched new online booking tools and solutions while continuing to develop its distribution channels through intermediaries such as brokers or tour operators to optimize the global reach of its offering.